Tuesday, 17 April 2012

12/04/2012-13/04/2012 - EASTER: THE FINAL

For those who don't know, EASTER: THE FINAL was a sleepover I had at my (dad's) house with Dom, Dodo and Jaz. Our main objectives were to make Easter-themed food and to drink lots. We'd also planned to wear Easter-themed costumes, but ended up just wearing bunny/bear ears because we are lazy.

Wore this skirt because it came with an apron that I'd never worn before. Seemed fitting as we were cooking.

First, we went to Chin Chin Labs for ice cream. The flavour of the week was apple pie. 8D

Baileys in a Fimbles "shot glass" (egg cup lol).

First, we made Muffin Bread.

Muffin batter with raspberries.

The result! It's basically muffins, but in bread form. Dom invented this.

Baileys milkshakes.

Then, for lunch, we made the best sandwiches ever created:
First, make a normal peanut butter and Nutella sandwich.

Egg it up.

Then fry it.


Dodo used jam instead of Nutella.

And Dom decided he needed ketchup with his. 

We made cornflake nests (with Special K haha) to stick with the Easter theme. This used up more ingredients than it should have because we kept eating them before they could be mixed together.

Then we sprayed them (and our faces) with edible glitter.

We eventually got changed into pyjamas and went to the living room to play Ring of Fire and watch movies.
The legs at the top are the only photographic evidence of Jaz (who does not like cameras) being there.

Dom being classy and drinking vodka and orange juice out of a jug. 

I leave you with this beautiful photo Dodo left on my camera.



  1. Lmao the ending is so beautiful 8)

  2. aw.. you look so cute, dear :) love the dress you're wearing with the
    cute bunny ears.
    seems like you had a great easter and everything looks so yummy *_*