Wednesday, 18 April 2012

13/04/2012 - Adventures in Shoreditch

On Friday I met up with Dodo, Randa, Emmie and Marie. We'd planned to go to a shop/gallery called Primitive, but it was closed, so TL;DR we wandered around Shoreditch and went to other shops.

We saw a lot of memes.

I didn't take many pictures haha.

We stumbled across Pat Lyttle's photography exhibition, so we had a look inside, and he gave us free sweets. 8D

A bit later on we were stopped by a Japanese film crew from the network Nippon TV, who did short interviews with me and Emmie about our outfits for some kind of featurette on fashion in London. They made us walk (individually) towards the camera so they could pretend they'd just spotted us and run up to stop us haha. They asked us about our outfits, our age, what we do etc., and upon finding out I'm studying Japanese at university, they made me speak Japanese for the camera and it was super awkward looool. :< They also made me be like "Good morning, ZIP (name of the show)!" (in English) and do this hand movement thing, which you can sort of see in the photo below:

Stealing this photo from Emmie, soz. 

After that was all done with, we looked around a few more shops and took more silly photos, then got the bus to Seoul Bakery to get some Korean food. I had to eat really quickly so I could rush off to meet Dom, who was staying over so he didn't have to get up too early the next day, when we were travelling to the North of England to stay with my mother. 



  1. 8D

    (I'm commenting to make you seem popular lol.)

  2. Pedobear! Nice building. I would love to see something like this when I go to school. XD
    Nice outfit! You are so pretty! ^^