Sunday, 18 November 2012

17/11/2012 - Lolita meet and a party

Hello! I haven't blogged in a while~ This is partly due to having nothing to post about, and partly just laziness haha. 

Yesterday I went to my first lolita meet in Birmingham! I've actually been meaning to go to one for about a year, but have never been free/in Birmingham at the right time. This was my outfit:

I made a headbow for the outfit:
My face here just made me laugh, Idk

I also had to wear a coat, because it's super cold in England. However, I left most of my lolita clothes in London, so I had to just use my normal coat (which, fortunately, is big enough for a lolita skirt/dress), which didn't quite go with my outfit.

It was really nice to finally meet the Birmingham lolis. C: We looked around the German Christmas market for a while, then went to a tea room to escape the cold. I didn't take any photos, unfortunately, because I'm useless and didn't want to take my gloves off haha. 

In the evening, I went to a uni friend's birthday party. It was fancy dress, with the theme being horror characters. I hadn't actually given the costume much thought until the day, so I ended up just going as the ghost from every Asian horror film ever:

The party was a lot of fun. 8D I had lots of shots and a glass of cake:

And the next day, I went to a sushi buffet:
This was between about 5 of us haha. 

Song of the day (I highly recommend this to fans of capsule):


  1. That outfit *___* and your bow is pretty awesome too! I miss doing the Birmingham christmas market meet T__T!!

  2. The lolita outfit looks so perfect. Very well combinated ♥ You look gorgeos!

  3. omg you look so cute!! totally adorable in lolita < 3
    and your creepy look...OMG! just awesome *^*

  4. You look so darling in the Lolita outfit! <3