Friday, 2 November 2012

27/10/2012 - MCM Expo and Japan Underground

Saturday was a lot of fun (Sunday too, but I'll get to that later)! 

Once again, I didn't sort out a cosplay, so just had to pull something together with things I already have. I decided to do a maid version of Hatsune Miku:

It's a bad photo, but you can sort of see my new circle lenses (and blue eyebrows!) in this:

For my non-UK readers, MCM Expo is basically the UK's biggest anime-related event. It's not actually very good, but everyone goes anyway, so lots of people just go to see people they don't get to see very often, or to mess around in cosplay.

 I arrived at the venue at about 1pm, and didn't go inside the actual event, because I didn't feel like paying £10 to enter what was pretty much a glorified dealers hall. A lot of people do this anyway haha, so I was able to meet lots of friends I hadn't seen in a while, and talk to new people! There were some amazing cosplays there, but I didn't take any photos on the Saturday, so here are a few that I've been tagged in on Facebook (if you want these removed, let me know!):
Maid Miyuu, who is actually Head Maid (my boss lol) at MOE! Cutest boss ever, right?

More Vocaloids! Jin as female Kaito, and Hiroki as Senbonzakura Kaito. 

After Expo, DeMc and Ken came back to mine for Japan Underground pre-drinks.
Just found this on my phone lol, I guess DeMc took it himself.

Sainsbury's brand cider and ready-made cake frosting. Not my proudest moment. 

Japan Underground was fun, as always! There were quite a few people there that I hadn't seen in a while, so that was nice. I didn't take photos because it was dark, but a pretty terrible video of me "dancing" (not alone, thankfully) has showed up haha. I will not be posting that.

Song of the day (watch the video too, if you like Vocaloid; it's pretty cool!):


  1. You look so adorable. I agree about Expo not really being that great. I still find myself getting excited about going for some reason. I think it's getting to spend time with friends. I don't really do much either so that's probably why. One day I will go to Japan Underground!