Wednesday, 28 November 2012

24/11/2012 - Hyper Japan and clubbing

Day 2 of Hyper Japan was probably my favourite! I just cosplayed maid Hatsune Miku again, so I didn't bother taking a photo this time. I arrived at about 3, I think, and spent some time properly looking around, which I hadn't really had time to do the day before. 

I bought some MAIFO merchandise:
I don't even like badges, but it was cheap, and I love the little characters that Tsukasa draws haha.

Then I met these two fabulous girls (who, as it turns out, were already friends with Dodo), and we wandered around together until Dodo and Gigi showed up:

At some point, we ran into Zero and Shun, so we finally manned up and talked to them a bit/got pictures. 8D As you would expect from their videos and such, Zero was pretty quiet, but Shun was like "Ah, Hatsune Miku? Cute.", which made me kind of happy. 
It was so awkward trying to fit us all in the photo haha. Looking back, it probably would have been better to get someone to take it for me. 

Later they had another meet&greet, where I got Zero to sign a cheki I'd bought earlier:

Because I'd seen them around the event so many times by this point, I wasn't so nervous, and managed to say (in super awkward Japanese) that I'm looking forward to their London live (which will apparently happen in February 8D). Shun also addressed me as "Hatsune Miku" again haha.

We had an hour or two to kill before NINJAMAN JAPAN's live, so Dodo, Gigi and I were just sort of wandering around aimlessly/talking to people we know/eating takoyaki. We kept seeing MAIFO taking photo of/with cosplayers, which was sort of cute haha. At one point we were just standing on either side of Dodo, watching her type something on her phone, when OUT OF NOWHERE, Zero suddenly appeared right in front of us, leaning over to look at (or pretend to) Dodo's phone, scaring us all to death. Seeming quite proud of himself, he walked away fairly quickly, whilst we were all just like "...Did that just happen?". 

A little later, NINJAMAN JAPAN performed, and they were amazing! I'd never seen a video of them live before, so I was really surprised by just how theatrical it all was. They had a fake fight with some "evil ninjas" at the start (and about half way through the show). By fight, I mean full-on dramatic, cartoon-esque martial arts, and not just a fist fight. After the band won the fight, they posed/danced a bit, then played their music (which was very good live). 
It was hard to get good pictures because they were just so fast, but here are a few anyway:

Note Sarino flying through the air in the top right corner.

Pinky is so tiny! C:

The live finished shortly before the event's closing time, so we were just hanging around and trying to gather up people who were coming to mine before Japan Underground. A photographer took me over to a blank wall to get some photos, and then other people kept joining in, as is typical in these sorts of events haha, so I was stuck there for a little while. During this, Dodo started yelling at me, and I ignored her at first, thinking she was just trying to make me laugh, but when I did look over, I realised that Shun had appeared between the photographers and was taking a photo of me ahaha. He hurried off pretty quickly when he realised we'd noticed, though. 

After we'd gathered everyone up, we headed back to my house to drink/so I could get changed before Japan Underground.

As usual, Japan Underground was a lot of fun. We missed the first band(s?), but the last one was very good.  Not satisfied with the early closing time of about 12, we gathered up some people to go to Slimelight. Slimelight's music wasn't as good as normal, but the ball pond was back! We just sort of laid in it like a hot tub for about half an hour at the start, then danced until about 5am before stumbling back to mine.  

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