Saturday, 3 November 2012

28/10/2012 - Expo and Halloween party!

Sunday was super fun, too! I had to do maid things, so I didn't get to Expo until about 5pm, which is actually when the event closes loool. But still, lots of people loiter around outside for an hour or two afterwards anyway, so I decided to go and take a few photos. 

This was my outfit: 
I pretty much made it up on the day, and it wasn't a cosplay, so I was really surprised by how many people stopped me for photos. Like, I was actually stuck in the same spot for about ten minutes because new people kept coming up and taking photos haha. 

I didn't actually take many photos in the end. This was partly because I kept getting stopped for photos and kept stopping to chat to people I know, and partly because I ran into Wing, who invited me to get dinner with her, Memz, and a couple of other people, so I left a lot earlier than I'd planned to. But still, here are the photos I did get:
Tokyo Mew Mew! I think this was the first manga I ever read.

Rue as Rimmer from Red Dwarf. Amazing. 

After dinner, I headed off to Chriss, Ellie, Alice and Rachel's for their Halloween tea party!

Alcoholic tea. So delicious!

Everyone looked amazing!


With Dodo

We gave Chriss a new desktop background 8)


  1. wooooo halloweeeeeeen parteyyyyy

    it was so much fun THANK YOU GUYS FOR COMING TO PLAY

    1. Woooooo no problem, thank you for hosting \8D/

  2. What an amazing outfit!! *_* you all look gorgeous!

  3. you all looks so cute!!!I love pics from halloween tea party and adore this Rimmer cosplay,I just love him :D ^___^