Sunday, 7 October 2012

Vampire Machine

On Friday I was going to go to Digitalis, but we stayed in the pub too long and missed the last train haha. Here's what I wore:


Yesterday I went to Vampire Machine with Bethan. The club (which I'd never been to before) is usually just called Machine, but this time they encouraged people to dress as vampires, which pretty much sold it to me, because I can't say no to any event that involves costumes. 

My outfit:
This is how I want to dress every day when I'm old.


Make up:
I finally wore my new circle lenses! They're Dolly Plus red by Vassen. I love how well the colour shows up on my eyes! I might do a review on them soon. 

It turns out Bethan lives like 2 minutes away from me, so I predrank my body weight in absinthe at hers whilst dancing around her kitchen to Kyary and PSY (much to the amusement of her housemates), then we got the bus to central Birmingham.

Entry to the club was free, and they had some pretty good drinks deals, so I managed to not spend much (but still get absolutely wasted), which was nice. The event itself was a lot of fun! I saw lots of people I know, and they played Internet Friends and Gangnam Style (amongst the normal industrial/EBM stuff).

With Bethan, waiting to buy cheap Jagermeister.

I lost track of all time after that, but at some point we got a taxi back to the area we live in, and got food before going home. Now sober, I realise how disgusting my choice of fish and chips with cheese sounds, but it was a good idea at the time lol.

Song of the day:


  1. Then lenses look soooooo good on you too *0*! And both outfits are love...but the skirt on the second jus...I LOVE IT *0*

  2. oh wow your legs are sooo long O.O
    I really love the melting cross necklace and the tights :3

  3. lovely lenses and your tongue is cute somehow XD

  4. your first outfit is fabulous,I love ur melty cross and long skirt from second outfit is beautiful too *__*