Saturday, 16 March 2013

Some outfits and such

This post has no real topic haha, I just wanted to show a few things~ (・ω・)

I finally made the other garter c:

New choker from Ebay. My neck is pretty small, and most chokers are quite loose on me, so I was really happy to find it fits well. C: 

The rest of the outfit. Wearing my Glavil dress for the first time in forever~ 

I wore a new wig today:

I was wearing my EOS Fairy lenses, but this was the only photo that the colour really showed up in properly haha~

My outfit was pretty boring because I just wanted to be warm (´・ω・`)

Song of the day:
I've heard that VAMPS might come to the UK soon-ish! I would be ridiculously happy if that happened~ 


  1. wow I like both styles on you :) the wig looks awesome ^u^ where did you get it?

    1. Thank you C: The wig is from Taobao~

  2. *.* these garters are so cute, the other outfit is so cool:3

  3. Hi ^^
    Your Blog is really cool and I like your Style ^____^

  4. You made the Garters? There really cute! And where did you get your thigh highs?? There really cute!

    1. Yup, I did. Thank you! The thigh highs are just some cheap gradient tights from Ebay that I cut up. :)