Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

I've been back in London for about a week now for the Easter holiday (and I still have a few more weeks left!).

This is the Easter egg my dad gave me!(≧ω≦)

On Monday I met up with Memz and DeMc to go clubbing together as Club Club for the last time before Memz moves to Japan. Memz wanted us to dress as boys, so this was my outfit:

 Predrinking at Memz' house (with DeMc the real boy behind us)

Burger phone!

The night was a lot of fun! We went to a local alternative club for some cheap drinks before heading to central London to go to Heaven (a good gay club that I'd never been to before). We called it a day at about 3am, and Memz and I went to a Chinese restaurant before heading back to mine and watching anime until about 6am haha. 

The next day I got a much-needed hair cut. It's barely shorter than it was before, but I had layers put in and a lot of volume removed, so it's much more manageable now. The photo doesn't really show this, but it's also kind of lighter and fluffier than it was before, which I like:
I also really like how it looks with black lipstick. 

I accidentally dressed kind of like a teenager in the 90's that day haha

Song of the day is a super old (2001) VK video:
The quality is horrible, but I like it. I'm a sucker for early-2000's visual kei, and I find the terrible-quality recording quality of the indies groups kind of endearing haha. I think one of the guys from Alice Nine was in this band, too.


  1. you look amazing >< i dont know many people who can wear such different styles and suit them all ^^

  2. woooo you look awesome as a boy! *^* so adorable >-<