Sunday, 5 August 2012

Inferno, Arigato in London, Thorpe Park

I'm gonna quickly merge three entries into one, because I've been quite busy lately~

On Friday I went to Inferno (goth night at the Electric Ballroom in Camden) for the first time with DeMc. It's not as good as Slimelight (in my opinion, anyway), but still a lot of fun! Here's what I wore:
Pink because... I just really felt like wearing pink that day. 
With DeMc

On Thursday I was doing promo work for an event called Arigato in London . They wanted us to wear OTT sweet lolita, but I barely even wear sweet lolita at all, so I struggled a bit to come up with an outfit. The final result was barely lolita at all haha, whoops:

On Wednesday, I went to Thorpe Park (a theme park) with my father and sisters. My outfit was pretty boring, but here's me and my sister duelling on a high beam (I won!):



  1. i love the tights in the first look!

  2. your so cute on your look :))
    i followed you,followed me too sweety!

  3. love the pink outfit! the dress is really cool <3

  4. I like what you wore to the club. I wish we had goth clubs in my town, but I'd have to travel hours away to get to one, and I just can't do that every weekend. :( So sadly I have a lot of nice clubwear that goes unworn.


  5. The outfit you wore to the club is so cute!

  6. amazing photos,I love this loli coord of you *___*