Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pharaohs from the Grave, outfits, gets

Yesterday I went to see my friends' band play. They're called Pharaohs from the Grave, and they're really good, so you should check them out and like them on Facebook! Here's one of their songs:

There was an optional dress theme of 'circus'. I love themes, but I'm terrible at following them, so I ended up looking like some kind of space clown:

With DeMc (who plays the drums) before they went on:
Free clown noses 8D


Here's an outfit shot from a couple of days ago:
Still tying my hair up because it desperately needs to be cut haha.

Finally, some recent gets:
Not sure why the photo is sideways, sorry.

To be honest, I'm not really sure why I bought this belt, because it doesn't go with any of my clothes haha.

The skirt from the "space clown" outfit. No idea why this photo is sideways either.



  1. omo! so pretty! I love the hold ups/ socks in the second outfit! also, where did you get your rocking horse shoes from?

    1. Thank you <3 The rocking horse shoes are from Bodyline.

  2. stunning outfits and amazinf gets!!! <3 love you ^^