Tuesday, 14 August 2012

14/08/2012 ☆

Today's outfit:
Just felt like wearing these super old jeans suddenly, but they're way too big for me haha.

I wanted to try this hair style I saw Kyary doing (the camera focused on my face though >:c you can probably see it better in the full body picture). It didn't go quite as planned because my hair isn't really long enough, but I still kinda like the result:
Make up was sort of inspired by her too.

This entry wasn't very interesting, so I leave you with this song that I really love recently:
The vocalist is the Kera model Akira. She's probably my favourite model. c: I was really surprised to find out she could also sing well!  



  1. ;________________________; youre so cute

  2. Your hair is so cute! : D And so it your outfit!

  3. so cute~ (◕ω◕) I like your hairstyle^^... Disacode are awesome:3 I love Akira's voice^w^