Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Ghost Izakaya

Some time in July, Maria and I went to a ghost-themed izakaya called Yuurei in Kichijoji.

 The entrance

Despite the horror theme, we found the atmosphere to be really relaxing somehow.

 To call the staff, you had to place this hand between the windows and ring a bell.

Most of the food was just normal izakaya food with spooky names, but we did manage to find some eyeball cheese things. The food and drinks were a little more expensive than normal izakayas, but still very affordable, and as there's no cover charge, I'd definitely say it's worth it. 

 I got to have a funeral! They dressed me in some kind of death outfit, then said some prayers and threw flowers on me while I lay in a coffin and laughed my head off. 

At the end they closed the lid, and even the window in it too. It's a good thing I'm not claustrophobic! 

I'd strongly recommend this place to any fans of Japanese horror movies/folklore, or anyone who likes theme restaurants/bars. 


  1. oh my god, this sounds extremly great. Neeed to go there! Awesome pictures!