Saturday, 11 October 2014

FRUiTS snap

In about April or May, I was street snapped by FRUiTS magazine in Harajuku. I was really surprised! My photo got printed, too! You can find it in issue 204~

Monsters University jacket: eBay
Dress, body harness, cross necklace: GLAVIL by tutuHA
Choker: Creepyyeha
Garters: Made by me
Ball-joint doll tights: Lockshop
Eyeball hair bows: Kreepsville 666

Coincidentally, this happened on the day I went to KERA's Marui Annex snap event, where they take everyone's photo, then choose some to print in the magazine. I actually ended up being printed in KERA too, which I totally didn't expect!

1 comment:

  1. Aaa, that's so cool! Good for you!
    I love your outfit, pink + blue is a great color combo. (*u*)