Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sales post: Angelic Pretty, J-rock CDs, gyaru magazines, lolita magazines

All payments by PayPal 
I am willing to ship worldwide (I am located in France) 
Once the item has been shipped, I am no longer responsible for it 
Priority goes to the first person to give their PayPal address If you don't pay within 48 hours, priority will go to the next buyer 
My home is smoke and animal free 
 If you have any questions, would like to see more pictures of an item, or are interested in buying something, please leave a comment or send an email to signorpompelmo (at)

Angelic Pretty Moon Night Theater pleated JSK
Proof pictures: Front, back
Very good condition
150 euros (or make a reasonable offer) + shipping

Fusion of the Core (comes with collectible card) - ScReW
Good condition, some minor scratches on the case
18 euros + shipping

Spiral Circle〜COMPLETE (CD + DVD) - UnsraW
Good condition
17 euros + shipping

Vampire Saga (front of booklet is signed by all members, you can see it a little in the photo) - D
There's a crack on the back of the case, otherwise good condition
15 euros + shipping

Nightmare - The World Ruler 
Good condition 
7 euros + shipping  
 photo IMG_9981_zps0754bdef.jpg

SuG - 39 GalaxyZ (now out of print) 
Perfect condition 
29 euros + shipping  
 photo IMG_9999_zpscf28fc7a.jpg

 Angelo - RIP/Moment (with DVD) 
Perfect condition 
10 euros + shipping  
 photo IMG_9996_zpsb519a1ee.jpg

 An Cafe - Harajuku Dance Rock (with DVD. CD only available in North America and certain parts of Europe) 
Good condition 
8 euros + shipping  
 photo IMG_9970_zps313355a9.jpg

 LM.C - Strong Pop 
Case comes apart when opened, but looks fine when closed. The CD itself is in perfect condition. 
7 euros + shipping  
 photo IMG_9986_zps1b71c036.jpg

Koakuma Ageha (does not come with the mirror)
Like new condition, but there's a price sticker on the back from where I bought it
8 euros + shipping

Like new condition, but there's a price sticker on the back from where I bought it
7 euros + shipping

Gothic & Lolita Bible 33
Good condition. Comes with patterns. Also comes with stickers, but one is missing.
8€ + shipping

More in my older sales post here! 

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