Thursday, 3 October 2013

22/09/2013 - Tokyo Crazy Kawaii

I'm super late with this entry (as always!), but a couple of weekends ago there was an event in Paris for Japanese fashion and general "kawaii culture". I was busy moving into my new home on the Saturday, so I only went to the event on Sunday.

What I wore (most of my clothes were still in England at that point, so I didn't have much to choose from):
T-shirt: Zara
Shorts: d.i.a.
Heart garter: Creepyyeha
Skeleton garter: Noctex
Necklace: Glavil by tutuHA 

Make up

As the event was new (I think it was the first one, actually), there wasn't a huge amount of things to do, but it was still pretty interesting, and I got to hang out with internet friends who had come from various parts of Europe, which was awesome. C: There were a few music performances, but somehow I missed all of the ones I wanted to see haha. orz I did watch Anna Tsuchiya's one, though. Her music isn't really my thing, but her performance was good.  

Grazia and Claire from Italy, and Steffi from Luxembourg. 


 The Japanese gal unit, Black Diamond, did a short para para performance with a French gal unit. 

美女 men Z. They had a performance earlier in the day, and I wanted to go, but arrived too late ;A;

I chatted with Natsuki for a while and he was really nice aww C: (he also took my photo lol, why). The slightly awkward heart pose was his idea haha

There were a couple of purikura machines at the event. They were pretty expensive, but we split the cost between 4 of us so it wasn't so bad~

We managed to take a photo with KERA model Kimura U!


  1. Uha! Grazia and Claire are so pretty and cool ;3; <3 I love their styles!
    and yours too, you look amazing < 3

  2. You're so cute!! ; v ; and pretty /.\ I love your outfit!