Wednesday, 10 April 2013


On Saturday I attended a small gyaru meet. And I know, I'm not gyaru, but I am interested in the fashion, and some friends I hadn't seen in a while were going, so I wanted to see them. C: 

I attempted a rock gyaru-esque outfit: 
I finally wore the DreamV top with horns and wings that I got ages ago.

We took purikura first, then ate Chinese food. ( ̄∀ ̄)

Group picture after eating

Next we went to a cafe for bubble tea/desserts, and hung out there for a while.
Mine was brown sugar flavoured ahaha, so delicious.

Some more people had showed up and wanted to do purikura, so we headed back to the purikura shop. Only a few people actually used the booth, though, and the rest of us just hung around outside taking silly photos on our phones~

After the meet, I went to a nearby pub for the leaving party of a friend who's moving back to Japan soon. Most of the people there were Japanese, so I was able to practice the language a lot. The main conversation topic I remember is "bugs are scary" lol. We drank lots of chilli vodka. 

When the pub closed, most of us went to a party at a hair salon in Shoreditch where my friend worked while he was living here. It was the birthday of one of his coworkers or something, so they hired a DJ and basically turned the salon into a night club. It was pretty cool. 

As the owner of the salon is Italian, most of the staff were Italian too, so I also got to speak a lot of Italian that night, which made me happy, although at first it was super difficult to switch between Japanese and Italian, because a lot of the words actually sound quite similar. I think I might have asked one guy "Sei italiano desu ka?", whoops~ ( ´艸`) It was a really fun night. 

I'm really addicted to this song lately:


  1. looove the outfit *^* the dreamv shirt is awesome!
    and the meetup looked like fun ^^