Wednesday, 26 November 2014

KERA street snap

A few weeks before leaving Japan, I was street snapped by KERA! It was printed in the December 2014 issue. I'm really happy to have a full page in one of my favourite magazines~

Cardigan: Mint Neko
Cross necklace: tutuHA
Top, belt: GLAVIL by tutuHA
Skirt, shoes: Bodyline
Garters: Noctex

After taking my photo, they had me fill in an enquette with things like where I bought each item (although they seem to have printed a couple of them wrong lol), what I do, what I like etc. For some reason the only non-outfit-related question they've printed is what my favourite manga is (Attack on Titan) and why ("because it's interesting"), so it makes me look a little obsessed with it haha.

The outfit was originally to go to a live (can't remember which bands were playing), but KERA actually caught me on a Sunday morning after I'd slept in a manga cafe because I'd missed the last train haha. I was just passing through Harajuku on my way home to find some comfortable shoes because my feet were in agony by this point. It had actually just stopped pouring with rain when they found me; the sunglasses were to hide the fact that I was all gross and make up-less.

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