Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kawasaki Warehouse

Sorry, I've been super horrible at keeping this blog updated! 

I wanted to share with you guys an interesting place I went to back in June. I'd read about it online before going to Japan, so I was really happy to finally be able to see it in person! It's called Kawasaki Warehouse (or あなたのウエアハウス), and it's pretty much a video game arcade that's been decorated to look like the Kowloon Walled City (if you've never heard of it, check this out; it's pretty interesting).

It's easy to spot. 

In the areas without games there were recordings of background city noises and Chinese voices, which made the whole experience feel more realistic.

Everything was incredibly detailed! 

 Not quite sure what this bit was about, but it was interesting nonetheless. There was actually water around those stepping stones, and the turquoise stuff you see is smoke and coloured lights. 

Didn't D'espairsRay film their Reedemer PV here?

 Even the (functional) vending machine had a dusty, aged look to it to fit in with everything else.

And the UFO catcher game.

 There were even a few purikura machines!

The exit

This place is free to enter, so it's definitely worth checking out if get the chance! It's actually in Kanagawa (between Tokyo and Yokohama), but you can get there really easily and quickly from Tokyo by train (JR lines). Warehouse is less than a ten minute walk from the station, Kawasaki.

Obligatory purikura with Mari


  1. Ohmygooood! That's so cool, I'm definitely going to put this on my list of things to do in Japan <3

  2. omg ! totally creepy! I dind't know if I could stay there