Monday, 8 September 2014

Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival - 26/07/2014

Every summer there's a huge fireworks display by The Sumida River in Tokyo, so a group of us decided to go and watch them in yukatas. I'd never worn a yukata before, so Maria dressed me in one of hers. c: The day was a lot of fun! We got there super early (about 2pm?) to get a good space to sit, and spent the afternoon drinking alcohol and eating delicious festival foods. 

Shaved ice

3pm alcohol start

At some point Maria and I went for a walk and found a maneki neko shrine:

The fireworks display itself was amazing! I really wasn't expecting anything anywhere near as good considering that you didn't have to pay to watch it. None of the photos I took do it any justice, but here are a few anyway:

 This one looked like the Skytree was exploding haha


  1. Haha the Skytree picture looks epic xD I wish I could go to Hanabi Taikai someday

    Incidentally I was looking to see where Sumidagawa is and found out that the traditional shouts of "Kagiya!" and "Tamaya!" is originated from this festival (it's cool to know that things I keep hearing from anime has so sort of relevance in real life lol)

  2. Great photos! Do you have any point of view to recommend? :)