Tuesday, 29 April 2014

23/04/2014 - Kiki & Lala Cafe

Last week I met up with Miku to go to the Kiki & Lala cafe in Shibuya Parco

The cafe/diner opened in March, and I believe it's only around for a limited time. We went on a Thursday afternoon, but we still had to wait for about 45 minutes to get in. I think it's worth going at least once, though! 

The interior was very plain apart from the entrance and the statue in the photo above. The menu had a small selection of slightly expensive -but all very cute and pertaining to the cafe's theme- drinks, main courses, and desserts. 

Honey chai latte

 Lala soda

 Kiki and Lala's sweet, fluffy pancake

It was delicious, but this definitely isn't a pancake! 

Afterwards, we took purikura, of course~

This was the "natural" (least thin) leg setting haha, what?!

Outfit rundown
Eyeball bow: Kreepsville 666
Top: Karen Miller
Heart ring garter, choker: Creepyyeha
Shoes, bow: Bodyline


  1. The food looks sooo delicious *g*
    You are a real titan for purikura xD but still cute hahah <3

  2. Oh! I really want to visit! ^o^ The Lala soda looks delicious!