Tuesday, 8 April 2014


This weekend was the first weekend I've had in Tokyo where I've actually had time to do what I want and haven't been super jetlagged. It was really fun! 

 This was Saturday's look:
Dress: Fernopaa
Belt: GLAVIL by tutuHA
Heart garter: Creepyyeha
Necklace: tutuHA

Make up

That day Chriss arrived in Japan, so I met up with her and Dayle (both of them have just started studying here, too!) in Shibuya. We hung around in Starbucks for a while, then went to take purikura.

After that, we wandered around some shops until it was time to meet Rozzi and Deej and go to an izakaya.
 It was my first time going to an izakaya, and I was impressed.
 I really liked being able to order with this touch screen thing, thus minimising the need to speak/wait around for waiters. 
We each had about 4 alcoholic drinks and shared looooads of food, and it only came to about 1,800yen (about £10) per person! You couldn't even get the drinks for that price in England! 

After the izakaya, we headed to JPU Records' event, which was held in a rock bar situated somewhere in dodgy love hotel land. 
 The bar was next to a shrine...
...which was right next to a love hotel. We kept running out to go to the conbini to buy cheap alcohol (and pizza buns!), then drank it outside whilst watching couples awkwardly leaving the hotel as if they weren't together aha

At about 2.30am, we and some others from the bar went to do karaoke. They had some kind of special offer if you did it until 5.30am (which is when the trains start running), so we did that. It was also all-you-can-drink! 
I'm not sure you can quite call it "singing", but we... made lots of noise until morning. It was a lot of fun. 


  1. You look great!! *^*
    the puris went out very cute hhaha xD ahhh I love this restaurant! Can't wait to be back this summer! How long will you be there? :3

    1. Thank you!
      Until August ^^ When are you coming? We should hang out!

  2. Funky bow!! Cool style girlie.