Monday, 16 December 2013

An outfit post

Hello! I haven't posted in a while, and for that I'm sorry. This is partly because I've been busy with university and haven't taken many photos and such, and partly because I'm a lazy bum. I'll try to do a proper post soon (the Christmas holiday starts on Saturday, and I'm going back to London for two weeks!), but for now, here are some outfits from the past month or two~

Hoody: Glad News
Necklace: tutuHA
Shorts: d.i.a.
Shoes: Schuh 

Dress: Wal-G
Necklace: tutuHA
Horns: Paris Kids

I found a T-shirt that sums up my feelings towards most things haha
T-shirt: Tati
Shoes: Rock Walk
Leggings: Takamoto Gossip 

This outfit was for a cosplay club night. As usual, I didn't have a real cosplay, so just made something up to look like an anime/game character haha
Horns: Kreepsville 666
Top: DreamV (aka Yumetenbo)
Goggles: Ebay

 The make up

T-shirt: Super Lovers
Necklace: Super Lovers
Skirt: Cherokee
Tights: Mameshipamyupamyu by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Shoes: Rock Walk 

 Outfit for EAT YOU ALIVE's Paris concert (which was amazing)
Skirt: Punk Rave
Necklace: Fernopaa
Garter: Creepyyeha

That day's make up (the ears were not part of the outfit lol)

EAT YOU ALIVE tour hoody 

I'll leave you with this EYA song~


  1. My favorites are:
    the one with the NO - shirt,
    the one with the mameshipamyupamyu tights
    and the oufit you wore to EYA's concert! (*u*)

  2. 'Cool'. With the letter c.

  3. I love all your f*cking clothes *_____*