Sunday, 17 June 2012

16/06/2012 - Emilie's leaving party

Yesterday was Emilie's leaving party, as she's going to Japan for a year. I'm actually going with her (then coming home about a week later), so I didn't need to say goodbye or anything haha, but it was nice to see everyone.

Here's what I wore:
Quite a simple outfit, but I liked it.

On the way to meet everyone, a young woman opposite me on the tube got out a sketchbook and started drawing me! She didn't say anything, and I thought she was just writing something at first, but then a couple of minutes later I looked over and realised that it was me haha. It was really good too; I wish I'd asked to take a photo of it or something. 

I eventually got to Hyde Park, and found the others (as Dom told me I would over the phone, I found the group by seeing Dodo's hair from quite a distance). We had a picnic there for a while, and I ended up eating a disgusting amount of food haha. Eventually it got too windy, so we headed off to Soho for cocktails. 

Long Island iced tea

After, we went to do karaoke!
I can't sing at all, but I had fun being an idiot with Dodo to Gackt's Vanilla.

After karaoke, people went to eat. I wasn't hungry, so I headed off to meet my family, who were at a nearby restaurant for my sister's birthday. 

I leave you with this fabulous song/video:



  1. I didn't tell you this when I saw you, but I thought your outfit was adorable!

  2. Hello ♡
    I just found your blog and started following you! Hope you will visit my blog too~

    Your outfit grabbed my attention. It's just so perfect. I love everything! You are really pretty <3

  3. hi!i like your blog! we can follow each other if u want) i'll be very happy)