Tuesday, 27 March 2012

This weekend

University finished for the Easter holiday on Friday, so on Saturday my dad drove to Birmingham to pick me up and take me back to London.

After arriving home at about 3, I had a few hours to get ready before Dom came over. When he arrived, we lazed around for a while before going to Japan Underground.

Before leaving. 

There weren't as many people I knew at Japan Underground as usual, but it was still fun. There was a good band (ASIDBLOW) playing, and they gave out free CDs after, which was nice. The band seemed really friendly, too. After pulling me into a group photo, one of them gave me a CD, then we had a short and slightly awkward (because he didn't speak much English and I just plain don't know how to speak) conversation.

The next day, the weather was nice, so we got some food, then went to a park to eat it.

Peach alcohol :D


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