Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sales Shopping

While I was in London I took advantage of the New Year's sales that were going on in most shops~ 

That day's look:

I wore my new GLAVIL dress, but I didn't actually get a full body shot that day, so this photo is from the first time I wore it (I was going to a gig, so wore minimal accessories that time).
Dress: GLAVIL by tutuHA
Choker: eBay
Cross necklaces: GLAVIL by tutuHA 
Tights: Miss Selfridge

Some of my sales gets:
 Halloween socks so I can be spooky all year round 8)

I'd seen these shoes a long time ago but never paid much attention because I was sure I wouldn't be able to walk in them, but I saw they were reduced to £20 and decided to try them on. They turned out to be unbelievably easy to walk in, and actually quite comfortable! I don't really know how they work haha, must be witchcraft. 

There's tea inside! 

The Ragged Priest skirt. It's not very interesting (the wings aren't part of the skirt), but I've wanted a witchy maxi skirt for ages now, and I'm really happy to finally have one. c:

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