Monday, 9 September 2013

07/09/2013 - Afternoon Tea

Hello! I've been pretty behind on blog posts (as usual), but this time I actually have a real excuse, and that is that I've been preparing to move to Paris. My train is on Thursday morning! I haven't found somewhere to live yet, so I'm planning to stay in a hostel while I search, because apparently it's easier that way. 

I have quite a few things to write about, so I'm just gonna start with the most recent one, which was Saturday. Memz's birthday was at the start of September, so Wing arranged for a few of us to go for afternoon tea at a place called Sketch.

What I wore:
Necklace: Glavil by tutuHA
Goggles: Ebay
Eyeball bows: Kreepsville 666
Heart garter: Creepyyeha
Skeleton garter: Noctex 

Make up:

Memz and I had matching sunglasses...

...And so did Charlie. Hers were really reflective, so we took selfies in them aha

Sketch was gorgeous:

 Charlie's rose tea. The rest of us chose vanilla, which was delicious, but not as pretty.

 Memz taking selfies with the cakes
 My cake selfie
 Wing mentioned that it was Memz's birthday, and they brought her some more cake! 
 Group photo (I didn't wear lolita because I kind of forgot how, so I don't fit in at all ahaha)

 Marshmallow lizard

Queen Wing

The bathroom was amazing! These egg things are toilet cubicles.

The lighting was sort of good, so we took lots of photos~

Convex mirror

After tea we took purikura using the really rubbish, old machine, because it's cheaper and far more entertaining anyway~


  1. You are all soo cute ;;

    Good luck in Paris C: I hope you'll find somewhere to live asap C:

  2. Wow... the toilettes are so damn hot!!!! XD

  3. I just found you via lookbook and I adore your outfits! You look stunning in each and every coord and you really inspire me! I am adding you here and hope you'll go on posting such great pictures <3~

  4. Thanks for sharing.
    Beautiful girls.