Thursday, 8 August 2013

26/07/2013 - Hyper Japan (Friday)

Sorry I'm so late with this entry! About a week ago was Hyper Japan (a big Japanese culture event that's held about twice a year in London). Even though I didn't know any of the guests this time (it was guests like Ninjaman Japan and THE MICRO HEAD 4N's that made me decide to go to the last Hyper Japan), I still had loads of fun! I took a lot of photos, so I'll divide this into two or three posts.

I didn't take a photo of Friday's outfit, because I'd worn this outfit before, so here's a photo of me with Bree and Wing~ 

There was loads of good food for sale! This is a matcha latte and a taiyaki. 

My main reason for going on Friday was to see VANIRU's performance. I hadn't heard of them before Hyper Japan announced them as guests, but I listened to some of their stuff and really liked it. VANIRU are a sort of visual kei duo (vocalist and guitarist) who play 80's goth-style music. I love it. 

To be honest, the Hyper Japan stage really wasn't suited to live music, and was far too big for just two (very small) guys, so it was a little awkward. Although Leoneil (vocalist)'s voice is great, the acoustics were terrible, and Yuto's guitar wasn't even plugged in. But still, it was fun to watch, and afterwards they did a short interview on stage. 

As it was a Friday, my friends were either not there or were working on stalls. I ran into and chatted with a few people I know, but mostly just wandered around shopping and eating things haha. While I was shopping, a girl complimented my outfit. Her dress was cute, so I asked where it was from, and she said "Dolce & Gabbana", and I just remember thinking like "What's someone who wears D&G doing at an event like this..?" haha. I later found out that the girl was Pixie Lott (a fairly well-known British pop singer), when someone on Facebook linked to this tweet/photo of hers. I actually quite like one of her songs (I only know one, because I am clueless about popular music haha) and already had it on my iPod, so that was pretty cool~ 

The only non-food thing I bought was this necklace from Candy Geisha~

 In the evening there was a sort of after party where some of the performers from Hyper Japan would be performing, and you could get free tickets from Hyper Japan, so I got one for me and DeMc (who didn't go to HJ that day), then headed off to meet him at about 7. 

The venue was a tiny club/music venue that was below a bar, but I really liked it. It had a nice atmosphere, and the music being played was great (remixes of stuff like Capsule and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu). We arrived really early, though, so we went back out for a little while to find some cheaper alcohol.

We didn't know what to get (we just wanted a small bottle of something strong), so DeMc suggested Jägermeister, which I hadn't really drunk before. I agreed purely because Eren Jägermeister. 

After making too many Attack on Titan jokes and drinking the Eren Jägermeister on the street (like the classy bitches we are haha), we headed back inside.

Yanakiku (who describe themselves as a "kimono-cosplay duo") performed first. Their music wasn't quite my thing, but their dancing was adorable, and I really enjoyed it. 

Next was VANIRU. Their performance was so much better than the one at Hyper Japan, as it was an actual music venue and all. Yuto's guitar was actually plugged in this time, and they seemed to enjoy themselves a lot more. 
Leoneil disappeared pretty quickly, but here's Yuto, who was lovely. 

I'll try to write about Saturday and Sunday soon!

Also, I'm selling some more stuff (mostly CDs), so please check it out! C:


  1. cute post! love your outfit <3

  2. I've gone to a ton of jrock lives at conventions so I know that pain, the venues are reallly not suited for live music. Still fun, though (^~^). You guys look great!