Monday, 1 July 2013

Amy and AntiChrist

On Thursday, Amy (uni friend) came down to London to stay with me for a few days so we could go to Club AntiChrist (which I explained here, for those that don't know it) on Friday. (@°▽°@)

Amy arrived in the early afternoon on Thursday so we could do ~*~*London things*~*~ haha, because she hasn't spent much time here.

Bubble tea and dessert for lunch lol

After going to Patisserie Valerie for tea and doing some shopping in/around China Town, we bought a load of snacks and went back to mine to watch movies and do face masks because we wanted to have a girly sleepover haha. 

 When we got back, I found this package that the wonderful Memz had sent me from Japan! (´∀`)

Kigurumis because Amy likes hamsters 

On Friday we pretty much just got ice cream, then came back to get ready for AntiChrist. The dress theme for this one was "circus", which I was happy about, because I love circus-themed outfits.

I hadn't actually planned an outfit in advance, so I pretty much made this one up as I went along, and ended up as a sort of... demon-pierrot-marionette thing.  

 Make up
Couldn't choose between red and green contacts, so I just wore both haha

DeMc came over for pre-drinks

No photos from inside the club, but it was loads of fun! The music was great, the people were lovely, and there was free cake. C: 

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  1. Oh I totally love your outfit for the night. looks amazing!!! I also love the asian snacks... yummy~

  2. I love your outfit and you're always so beautiful ♥♥ the snacks look so yummy!

  3. Wow, love your outfit so much~~ (ㆁㅅㆁ✿). Aagh, now I want to go buy some asian snacks too TvT).

  4. Love the accessories you used for this look! <3