Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Recent photos~

I've been super busy lately and haven't really had time to post properly, but here are some recent outfits and silly photos~ 

Playsuit: Cyberdog
Shoes: New Rock
Garters and bows: hand made
Horns: Kreepsville 666
Necklace: Starlightdecodream

Long tank top (worn as skirt): Romwe
Shoes: New Rock
Choker: Creepyyeha
Necklace: tutuHA
Bag: Lost Mannequin
Top: Punkyfish 
New shoes! I'd been kinda debating buying them every time I passed the shop in Camden selling them, but on the day I bought these I was actually looking for something just like these, and found that they had been reduced to £30! They're so bouncy and fun to walk in~ 

This dress/giant tank top is terrible and I love it. 

Recently I've been doing my make up like this~

Dress and necklace: Glavil by tutuHA
Garter: Creepyyeha
Shoes: New Rock
BJD tights: Lockshop
Jacket: Punk Rave
T-shirt and necklace: Super Lovers
 On this day, Wing and I dressed as boys and took purikura

Later we met up with DeMc and took battle/makankosappo photos in the park, which I'd been wanting to do for ages. It was surprisingly difficult, but a lot of fun!


  1. Omg the first outfit is sooo adorable! (*u*)
    Those makankosappo pictures look funny.
    I should try doing that with a friend/friends sometimes. :3

  2. £30 for those shoes is a crazy bargain!! :O
    and aggghhh, youre always just so darn perfect!


  3. love these outfits! especially the second one and the boystyle one! and your purikkura are so cute, hehe :D

  4. Those pink shoes are awesome, I can't believe you got them so cheap ( ✧Д✧). Nice outfits! (and actions shots, lol)