Friday, 31 May 2013

24/05/2013 - MCM Expo day 1

Friday was the first day of MCM Expo/London Comic Con. Not many people I know were going on Friday, so I mostly just went to pick up the cosplay I was borrowing from Nao. I stuck around for a little while to hang out with people afterwards anyway~ 

Even though I didn't intend to stay long, I wanted to wear something fun anyway, so I wore my maid uniform. 

On an unrelated note, I received some packages!

Heart ring garter from creepyyeha 

Green circle lenses! I'll probably do a review of these at some point. 

Well, until next time~


  1. So cute! I have those lenses too and they're beautiful :3

  2. aaah you got a creepyyeha garter? it looks so good on you :D

  3. Loving your cosplay!
    It looks really comfortable, I would totally nap on that XD